Awakening Aeon Tarot

Awakening Aeon Tarot


Created by Marcia O’Hara, Ingrid Coffin
Tarot Deck – 82 Cards – Blue Sky Ranch Publishing 2013



Name: Awakening Aeon Tarot
Creators: Marcia O’Hara, Ingrid Coffin
Publisher: Blue Sky Ranch Publishing 2013
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 82
Major Arcana: 26
Minor Arcana: 56
Deck Tradition: Crowley Thoth
Suits: Cups, Wands, Swords, Disks
Card Language: English

Companion Material: Companion book by Ingrid Coffin

Extra Info: Four extra major arcana cards titled The Great Work, The White Whole, The Work of Greater Understanding and The Oracle Within.



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