Beginner’s Tarot

Beginner's Tarot

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With clear explanations and simple instructions, this book will show you how to lay out the cards and decode the symbolism of each card and card combination. Tarot cards reveal the deeper states of mind, unspoken desires, inner strength, and self-imposed limitations. In other words, the spiritual and moral progression of a person's journey through life. 

Tarot readings can be constructive and promote positivity! When you learn to read Tarot you can help others explore their feelings and futures as well. Tarot is an ancient form of divination, and this book delves into its exciting history. Readers can learn different styles of reading, and the definitions of each card, and an index makes it simple to navigate through the book. This full-color paperback instructional book is accompanied by a full set of 78 Tarot cards.


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