Conscious Channeling from the Akashic Records When You Are Reading Tarot Cards

Conscious Channeling from the Akashic Records When You Are Reading Tarot Cards

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This amazing book is an insightful, informative and comprehensive guide for any person who is either a beginner or an amateur reader wanting to learn more.

This covers it all, from the basics and background information needed to understand channelling from the Akashic Library to enable you to begin Tarot Reading on a new level.

Planet Earth emanates it’s own energy field, which is called an “Aura“.

From the first layer of the Earth’s Auric field, each layer (dimension) is a lighter and higher vibration of energy as it goes up through the 8 Astral levels. The last band of the Auric field, which we know and refer to as the Ozone layer and also refer to as the “Akasha“, is the lightest, highest energy.

In the Akashic layer is the head office of the Governing Hierarchy and the Akashic Library. Those people who have earned the right and gained “a free pass“ to enter the library are able to channel and access information about a certain individual’s past, present and their possible future. This book gives guidance as to how to achieve and earn your “free pass“ into the AKASHIC Library, providing you follow the golden rules of the Royal Road, becoming a Tarot Master yourself, one day.

This book provides guidance and information about:

• The Soul’s Journey and it’s evolutionary cycle .

• The Ascended Masters and the governing Hierarchy.

• How to channel from the Akashic Records.

• How to activate your “Third Eye” for higher communication.

• The three levels of consciousness within the mind.

• The function of the Censor Zone.

• The Science of Astrology and the Planetary Influences and their guiding forces, presenting themselves through the symbols of the Tarot cards.

• The influence of the Moon on our emotional body and the Power of our thoughts.

The Royal Road of the Tarot:

• The history and science of the Tarot Cards as the sacred symbols. • The origin and the history of the Celtic Cross spread and its principles.

• The ‘CARDS DIRECTORY’ will represent each individual card traveling through the Celtic Cross timetable.

• Each card placement will portray the 10 different facets of transformation of that card’s personality.

• Guidelines as to how to set up your reading table and how to encase your table within a Pyramid of energy for protection and for clear channelling.

• Information about Crystals to aid and protect you.

• How to clear and program your Crystals.

• Reading Etiquette.

• Cause and Effect ‘KARMA’.


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