Everyday Tarot: A Beginner’s Quick Start Guide To Really Learning The Tarot Fast (Everyday Psychic Series Book 1)

Everyday Tarot: A Beginner's Quick Start Guide To Really Learning The Tarot Fast (Everyday Psychic Series Book 1)

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Discover How To REALLY Learn How To Start Reading Tarot Cards Fast!

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You’re about to learn the quickest way to begin successfully reading Tarot cards with a set of proven steps that will help you start giving accurate Tarot card readings for yourself and others right away! As someone who has made their living reading Tarot cards professionally for most of my adult life, I am confident that what is laid out in this book will help you get started learning and really understanding how to read Tarot cards, even if you have never read a single Tarot card in your life! While the beginner will benefit and learn the most from this book, the seasoned professional may also find value in many of the techniques covered here—even if it is just a refresher or method they have never used before.

There are many ways to get started learning and reading Tarot cards—let what I have learned along the way help guide you through a concise, proven set of steps that will put you on the right path to learning them faster and more thoroughly than you ever thought possible! No Fluff, No Filler, No Recycled Folklore, No hollow, single-sentence card meanings… “Everyday Tarot” Just Offers REAL, practical, straightforward information to help get you quickly up to speed and feel like you are ACTUALLY learning and retaining the Tarot cards meanings!

Here Is A Quick Preview Of What You Will Learn...

  • Find Out How a Simple, Underused, Built-In Numeric System Can Help You Quickly and Easily Retain The Meaning Of Every Single Tarot Card and Help You Read The Cards Like A Pro—FAST!
  • The Easiest Way To Remember Each Card Suit Without Banging Your Head In Confused Frustration
  • 21 Useful Tarot Card Spreads That Will Take Your Beginning Card Readings To The Next Level
  • How To Put All Of These “Moving Parts” Together For A Tarot Reading That Will Blow Others Away and Surprise Yourself!
  • The Types Of Questions You Must NEVER Ask The Cards
  • The MOST Effective Way To Ask Questions—With 25 Examples That You Can Use
  • How Several Of The Tiniest, Most Often-Missed Details In The Card Images Can Actually Be Telling You Some Pretty Major Things
  • How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes That New Tarot Card Readers Make
  • What You Really Need To Know About Card Reversals
  • Much, much more!

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