Guide to the Rumi Tarot

Guide to the Rumi Tarot

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Wander through the garden of divine love, tread the sacred path of the Sufi, and behold the spiritual reality of divine beauty with every step. A beloved saint, teacher, and poet of the Sufi tradition, Rumi celebrated love and its ability to set the soul to flight. Let yourself be transported by Rumi's sublime poetry and the enchantingly exotic imagery of this tarot kit―and seek your own spiritual bliss.

This mystical tarot deck beautifully combines Nigel Jackson's original artwork with the inspirational writings of Rumi, depicting the soul's journey toward ultimate truth. The Rumi Tarot Kit includes:

~ Mesmerizing artwork, based on the Rider-Waite tradition, that captures the mystery and opulence of the Orient

~ Suggested tarot card layouts, spreads, and an in-depth historical background of the Sufi tradition

~ Clear instructions for using this tarot deck for divination, meditation, visualization, and chanting

"An important addition to the tarot world, not only because of the vivid imagery but because of the thoroughness of the background information."--Bonnie Cehovet




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