Heart of Tarot: An Intuitive Approach

Heart of Tarot: An Intuitive Approach

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Have a heart-to-heart with your Tarot cards when you learn the secrets of intuitive readings.  

Heart of Tarot presents a unique and powerful way to do Tarot readings that doesn't involve memorizing card meanings, using psychic skills, or learning occult lore. Rather, it offers an amazingly accurate but little-known intuitive technique, developed by John McClimans, called "Gestalt Tarot." Once you discover the secrets of this approach, it is easy to learn and master.

All the information you seek is already present in your subconscious, and intuitive Tarot simply helps you bring it to the surface of your conscious mind. An intuitive Tarot reading provides completely original and personally relevant interpretations, and can be used with any Tarot deck. With this guide, you will learn specific techniques to help yourself or others discover their own answers in a reading. Step-by-step instructions are illustrated with sample spreads and interpretations.   

This guidebook is a complete Tarot resource, with chapters on Tarot magick, teaching Tarot, and reading the cards professionally. Gain a better understanding of any situation and make intelligent decisions based on your own insights―it's simple when you listen to your heart.


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