Lo Scarabeo Black Velvet Bt20

Lo Scarabeo Black Velvet Bt20

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Gold Scarab Black Velvet Tarot Bag with Gold Satin Lining Black Velvet Tarot bag with a gold embroidered Scarab center. This tarot bag is lined with gold satin, and also has black drawstrings with gold tip knots attached to open and close. The sign of the Scarab is a very well known symbol from ancient Egypt and is recognized as the keeper of transformations. This object from ancient days is revered by many people and cultures for its deep penetrative energies. Keeping this symbol close with transform you and your readings to a new level! The black and gold tarot bag will also protect those precious old time or old world objects, also amulets, talismans, jewellery, or gifts of affection. Harmoniously made and ideal for our sacred objects that we all have and cherish. Go Scarab Go! 160 mm x 225 mm, black velvet with gold satin lining. Generous size and easily fits a full deck of 78 tarot cards. Perfect gift for a Scorpio sun sign.


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