Lo Scarabeo Tarot Deluxe (English and Spanish Edition)

Lo Scarabeo Tarot Deluxe (English and Spanish Edition)

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For the first time, three tarot traditions―the Marseille, the Waite-Smith, and the Crowley-Harris―have been combined into one deck! This dynamic blend offers themes and symbols from the most influential decks in the history of tarot.

The deluxe edition includes the Lo Scarabeo Tarot, an embroidered velvet bag, and instructions―all encased in a box sized to fit snugly on a bookshelf.

One of Aeclectic Tarot's Top Ten Decks for 2007!

Publisher Review:

The Tarot has been one of my fondest interests for decades. But just as my interests have evolved over time, so, too, has the Tarot evolved. In fact, the Tarot has gone through several evolutionary changes that can best be represented by three decks. 

The first deck is the Tarot de Marseilles. In actuality, this is not a specific deck at all. Rather, it is a design for Tarot decks that was used by many deck created around the city of Marseille. As you probably know, many decks today are simply revisioned versions of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. Imagine, if you will, a set of decks that are similarly versions of a pattern or style. That pattern is the Tarot de Marseilles, and it became a very popular pattern during the 19th and early 20th centuries, although its origins go back much earlier. 

By the time it was becoming popular, a mystical organization, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn used concepts from it, combined with Kabalistic ideas and their own concepts to create their own pattern. Each member of the Order was expected to draw their own version of the Golden Dawn deck. Two members of the Order were A. E. Waite and "Pixie" Smith. Although the Golden Dawn’s deck never went public until recent years, Waite and Smith published (through Rider) a variation of the Golden Dawn deck. The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot has become one of the most popular decks around.  .  .  read more. 


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