Minute Tarot: Deck

Minute Tarot: Deck

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A tarot of 78 cards drawing on inspiration and limited time!

The deck sprang, ironically, from the midst of Robyn Tisch Hollister's creative block during the painting of the Tarot of the Midnight Masquerade. The creation of the Midnight Masquerade was a project that involved the paintings of 78 different images - a very long process. During a time of creative block when nothing was going right, Robyn grabbed a pack of glossy blank cards and a set of permanent markers, and set herself a timeframe of five minutes to illustrate each card in the major arcana.

My hope is that this deck will inspire many more seekers to create a unique vision of the tarot for themselves. There is great freedom and energy is doing them as quickly as possible, and is remains one of the best learning experiences I know of.


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