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My Tarot Journal

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My Tarot Journal can be useful not only for the beginner, but even the experienced tarot reader My Tarot Journal is designed for use of all styles of Tarot decks, RWS, Thoth, and Marseille. There are multiple ways you can use My Tarot Journal, from studying a deck, studying individual cards, use with multiple decks, a daily one card reading, regular readings, using runes and more. You can also use it with any tarot book or other tarot resources of your choice. My Tarot Journal has different categories for each card, for you to write your own personal interpretation of what the card means to you in that category. Example: there is a category called Path working, here is where you can write notes about your visualization or meditation experience you had with that particular card. There is a blank page for each card for you to have fun be creative, you can glue a card, use a photo, draw, scrap booking, whatever you fancy. Make this journal personal Enjoy Katina de Witt


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