Samurai Tarot (English and Spanish Edition)

Samurai Tarot (English and Spanish Edition)

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From the mists of a not-so-distant past, the figure of the warrior Samurai still stands as a powerful symbol of personal quests and self-realization. This deck can help you forge your own path of the Samurai, a spiritual journey through the secrets of the soul.


Publisher Review:

The Samurai Tarot is a beautiful deck. The soft, pastel colors and watercolor-like washes, certainly evoke another time and place, a tribute to the styles of art known as Ukiyo-e. It is a delightful "art deck."

With that said, I also have to clarify a preconception on my part. One of the things Western civilizations have done is borrow a tiny bit from native cultures, thinking they have caught the essence of that culture while allowing them to steal and destroy that culture. The most famous example of this is in the Americas. Today, people wear a leather vest, put a feather in their hair and a dream catcher over their beds, have meetings where they say, "Ho!" a lot, and think they are honoring Native American traditions while Native Americans on reservations suffer poverty, alcoholism, unemployment and other problems. Occultists in the West have adopted traditions [read more]


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