Tarot: A self study guide to the Tarot

Tarot: A self study guide to the Tarot

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The Tarot is an ancient system of divination. When utilised correctly one can tap into another's energy and look into their past, present and future. As spirituality grows around the world more people are turning to this amazing gift to find answers. You can learn how to develop this talent and read the cards.

This books gives detailed descriptions of each card, as well as showing spreads, practice exercises, dealing with charging, conducting a reading and much more. Aimed at beginners, it gives all you need to get started on your path to understanding, exploring and reading the Tarot.

Jayne has been teaching Tarot for over a decade and conducting readings herself for two decades. Her clientele is worldwide. Due to popular demand this book has been created to enable people all over the world to access her teachings. This book is a combination of her experience of teaching courses and answers the most frequently asked questions.

If you are new to Tarot then this can help you develop your gift and help you become better at your craft. The spiritual path is a lifelong journey - it begins here.


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