Tarot and the Divine Feminine

Tarot and the Divine Feminine

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This booklet is designed to facilitate guidance, insight, wisdom, transformation and healing through Tarot divination and Goddess spirituality.
You will learn a unique divination method for calling a specific Goddess to work in your life at any given time by using ANY Tarot deck.
For each of the 17 Major Arcana cards used in this method, there is an associated Goddess, with a brief description of that Goddess and the meaning of the card, questions for reflection and ways to invoke that Goddess into one's life.
If you are new to Tarot or the Divine Feminine, this booklet will be a satisfying and interesting starting point for beginning your journey into a deeper acquaintance with the Goddess in her many guises.
If you are already well-versed in Tarot or Goddess spirituality, you will appreciate this new method for using any standard deck to call on the wisdom of the Goddess.


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