Tarot and the Path of Initiation

Tarot and the Path of Initiation

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"This book came into being from the author’s exasperation at the ignorance
of many users of the Thoth tarot deck. They prefer to go by their “intuition”
rather than study Crowley’s companion book to the deck, The Book
of Thoth.

“It’s too dense” they cry. “I’m not interested in these philosophies; I just
want to read Tarot.”

The above sentence is the greatest insult to Aleister Crowley, the creator of
the Thoth deck. For the deck’s purpose was to convey the higher mysteries
to the diviner. Crowley intended for the deck never to be sold separately
from the Book of Thoth.

And so, heart full of elitist snobbery and sense of obligation to Crowley,
the author of this book set out to spoon feed this dense material to the
masses, without watering down its contents. In the spirit of Crowley who
sought to enlighten the world, the author has added his own contribution to
Crowley’s legacy, out of duty. It was due to Crowley’s belief in freedom of
information, during an era of politics and secrecy, that the author was able
to get his own hands on the gem of all spiritual writing, the Book of Thoth."


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