Tarot Basics

Tarot Basics

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Note: This new edition of Tarot Basics now includes an extensive keywords section at the end for all 78 cards—almost 1,500 extra words worth of valuable information.

The Tarot Basics eBook is geared towards those new to Tarot as well as those that would like to do more with the cards.

The information covered in this eBook includes:

*Major Arcana
*Minor Arcana
*The Four Suits
*Court Cards
*The Four Elements
*Ways to Use Tarot
*Choosing a Deck
*Cartomancy - Divination Using Cards (People, Numbers, Words, Colors, Objects, Animals)
*Ten Ways to Clear a Deck
*Using Numerology in Interpretation (6-16 meanings given for numbers 1-10)
*Tarot Collages
*How Does Divination Work?
*Using Tarot for Creative Writing
*Creative Questions for Fiction Writing
*Ten Spreads
*NEW: Extensive Keywords list for all 78 cards


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