Tarot Card Ring – Tarot Spinner Ring by CritSuccess.


Today I received my Tarot Card Ring created by CritSuccess company.

I immediately fell in love with the Ring and the whole idea of it.
This is a fantastic, modern product for Tarot lovers, who want to have something really “handy”.
In my mother language (Polish) we have an expression that says “to have something in one finger” and means to possess knowledge perfectly so you do not have to even think about it – you just know it.  This gives of course another meaning to the whole thing:)

Here is a short instruction taken directly from the producer’s website and a photo I have taken with my smartphone right after opening the package.
Below I placed two videos I have found on Youtube (English language).



Accurately simulates drawing a random Tarot card from a Tarot deck.


If the left band lands on “Major”, you would look at the RIGHT band to see which of the Major Arcana cards you pulled. If the “Major” had a white background, the card was drawn right-side up, and if it had a black background, the card was drawn up-side down.


If the left band lands on one of the Tarot card suites (Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles), you would look at the MIDDLE band to see which Minor Arcana card was pulled. This same background rule applies to see if the Minor Arcana card was pulled right-side up or up-side down.


A = Ace, P = Page, Kn = Knight, Q = Queen, K = King

Tarot Spinner Ring

Tarot Spinner Ring





Nice watching! Miłego oglądania! 
Wojciech Glanc, Berlin 22-09-2015





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