Tarot & Dream Interpretation (Special Topics in Tarot)

Tarot & Dream Interpretation (Special Topics in Tarot)

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Each night your soul speaks to you in the timeless language of dreams. Dreams can offer insight, provide comfort, deliver warnings, or even help resolve emotional and psychological issues related to past events.

Llewellyn's Special Topics in Tarot series was created in response to an increasing demand for more Tarot books on advanced and specialized topics. Tarot and Dream Interpretation is the first book to explore the relationship between the dreamtime messages from your subconscious and the highly symbolic cards of the Tarot.

This book explores how a dream can be interpreted like a Tarot reading, and a Tarot reading can be experienced as a dream.  Enhance your understanding of both dream symbols and Tarot cards as you discover new ways of interpreting the messages you receive:

• Learn helpful tips for keeping a dream journal
• Increase dream recall and learn to program your dreams
• Use Tarot dream spreads created just for dreamwork
• Explore 78 fresh interpretations of the cards as they relate to the people and places in your dreams

Decode the symbols of your soul, and discover a sense of clarity and inner peace beyond your wildest dreams.


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