Tarot for Beginners: Your Future, Now!

Tarot for Beginners: Your Future, Now!

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Tarot for Beginners is a great introduction to the tarot. This is a concise ‘How-to’ book that is designed to give the reader the easiest and quickest way to get a good grounding into Tarot Reading.

Every card meaning together with a picture of the card starts on a new page and is linked to from the Table of Contents making reading the cards as effortless as possible leaving you to concentrate on the meanings of cards and not on finding the right page!

The Contents at a Glance are:
- Introduction
- History of the Tarot
- The Tarot Deck
- Using the Tarot – simple ways to prepare the cards so they will be in tune with you
- Reading the Tarot – simple ways for you to get into tune with reading the Cards
- Tarot Card Meanings – full explanation of each card
- Sample Tarot Spreads – different spreads offer different perspectives

With the cards in front of you and your kindle by your side that has all the information you need in an easy access format, you will find no easier way to read your Tarot Cards.

I've added a download link for some relaxing music to help you get in tune with your cards.


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