Tarot for Self Discovery (Special Topics in Tarot)

Tarot for Self Discovery (Special Topics in Tarot)

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The cards have a message for you!

Tarot cards can be extremely useful in helping us to decipher the messages from our subconscious, since the pictures on the cards "speak" the language of the subconscious―the language of symbols and pictures and imagination. Tarot for Self-Discovery is not about learning the Tarot per se; rather it is a book of 47 exercises that will help you use the Tarot cards for personal and spiritual growth. Whether you need help going through a difficult transition in your life, or you want to know the next step on your path, the images on the cards contain messages exclusively for you.

·Contains 47 Tarot exercises for every purpose, including improving relationships and meeting your guardian angel, to healing grief and finding your life purpose
·The exercises personalize the cards for each reader, so they become portals for deeper understanding of the self
·The exercises narrow down the immense data contained in the cards into an experience that is remembered
·For beginners or advanced Tarot readers
·For use with any Tarot deck


  • Used Book in Good Condition

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