Tarot Keywords and Meanings

Tarot Keywords and Meanings

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Marcia J. Kenyon is a writer, musician and TV extra. Tarot Keywords and Meanings was first written in 1994 for her own personal use, after years spent studying the subject, and contains her own interpretations of the cards.

After being shelved for nearly twenty years Marcia decided it was worth publishing, in order to help others understand the various meanings of the cards.

There are no illustrations or spreads, this book is meant only as a guide and therefore applicable to any deck. The order of the book is as follows:

Major/Minor Arcana
The Suit of Wands
The Suit of Swords
The Suit of Cups
The Suit of Pentacles
What the card numbers represent
Cards for different situations

So whether you are new to the tarot or an experienced reader, this is a useful book of keywords to help you along the way.


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