Tarot of Color

Tarot of Color

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There is a system and a tradition behind why the cards the images they do as well as the names & numbers. For the past 200 years, the Hermetic Qabalah has provided a framework for Tarot and has given each card a rich set of attributions which can be used in readings if they are known. Tarot of Color is an attribution deck that can be used on its own, as flashcard to learn the esoteric system, or as a supplement to any deck of tarot cards. Interesting astrological and color relationships can be seen clearly with this deck. For Instance color can be a bridge between a Tarot Reading and your daily life. Look at the cards from a color perspective. If Red becomes a major issue, consider if there is too much or not enough. If you have too little red, showing as fatigue, low energy, you may want to add it to your wardrobe, diet or environment. If you think there is too much red, you might consider adding the complement (green).


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