Tarot of the Gnomes

Tarot of the Gnomes

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Open the door to the fantastic and amusing world of the Gnomes. Follow Sichen, a foolish gnome, in his exciting version of the Fool's journey through the Major Arcana. Via these 22 cards, learn about the Princess Ur, the King and Queen of the Gnomes, Tecla the Hermit, and other inhabitants of the Gnome world. See how the spirit of Temperance, the Star, and the Moon are embodied in various characters. This deck presents the lively wit and wisdom of the little people in whimsical, engaging art. Each card, including the illustrated Minor Arcana, features a key word, making this deck especially accessible to the beginner. What better way to divine your fortune than through the lens of these gifted and skillful storytellers, the Gnomes?


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