Tarot Reading for Beginners

Tarot Reading for Beginners

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Tarot Reading for Beginners tackles so many aspects of Tarot cards including: * The history of the deck and why it matters... * The right kind of cards to use... * The power and importance of your intuition in using Tarot cards... * The right ways to clean and clear your deck for the best results... * A complete examination of all of the cards and guidance regarding their interepretation... * Accepted and proven techniques for creating a card spread that will allow for amazing readings... ...And more... Table of Contents Chapter 1: An Historical Overview 2 Chapter 2: Intuition and the Tarot 6 Chapter 3: Getting Started - Clearing your Tarot Deck and Space 12 Chapter 4: The Major Arcana 21 Chapter 5 : The Minor Arcana 57 Chapter 6: Cups 84 Chapter 7: Pentacles 115 Chapter 8: Swords 146 Chapter 9: Conclusion - An Easy Spread To Get You Started 176


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