Tarot Readings: Book of Combinations

Tarot Readings: Book of Combinations Vol 1

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Be sure to check out the new volume 2. Tarot Readings presents a unique perspective to the definitions of tarot. It will have you saying, “I never knew you could read tarot like this”. Included are 628 all-important two card and three card combination examples to help you learn and a 65 question quiz with answer key. This book is illustrated with the beautiful Robin Wood tarot and is compatible with the Rider Waite deck. The Science of Quantum physics, specifically quantum entanglement (Bells’ Theorem) describes how at the most fundamental level all things are connected and that information is communicated faster than light. This theory explains how tarot readings are not only possible but why they can have such a high degree of accuracy in the hands of a properly trained individual. Tarot is much like remote viewing in that they are a tool that allows us to bypass our conscious mind in order to access the greater mind to retrieve the desired information. It is within this greater mind that we all move and have our being. This greater mind has been called many things; the quantum field, the Akashic records, or cosmic consciousness. Luckily, you don’t have to understand this theory in order to access this field and excel as a Tarot reader. www.how2tarot.com


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