The Syzygy Oracle Card Deck

The Syzygy Oracle Card Deck

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This 32 deck of sturdy, full-color cards offers 22 images as a reinterpretation of the Major Arcana, honoring the burgeoning of the Sacred Feminine; the final 10 cards in the deck, each embellished with a kaleidoscopic mandala, introduce the ten 'sefirot' on The Tree of Life. The artwork- original, impelling and mysterious- provides an opportunity to learn about Tarot's ancient mystery teaching in a contemporary and mystical fashion, using kabbalah's Tree of Life as a map towards conscious evolution for the hero's journey we each undertake. Re-awakening Sacred Feminine energies encourage an enhancing of our innate intuitive sense. This card deck is the companion to the book of the same name, 'The Syzygy Oracle: Transformational Tarot and The Tree of Life', Dodona Books, 2013


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