The Tarot of Love:The Secrets of Tarot Cards for Lovers (BASIC NEW AGE BOOKS)

The Tarot of Love: The Secrets of Tarot Cards for Lovers (Little Big Book)

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Readers of cards testify to the fact that most of the querents who come to them ask questions concerning love, sexuality or the search for the right partner.
This book describes the essence of the 78 cards of the tarot of love to the reader, illustrates a number of spreads particularly appropriate for this area, and enables one, after some practice, to use any type of tarot cards to predict and find love in the individual’s life.
Finally, there’s a way to learn how to divine your very own future in love. For several hundred years, people have consulted with Tarot readers on the subjects of life and love. When it comes to matters of the heart, readers skilled in the art of Tarot are able to interpret the way you pick your cards, and advise you on your destiny. This reference book takes you through the meaning, reading and interpretation of the cards. Let the 78 cards show you and your friends the ways of love, sex and choosing – or losing – a partner. Learn all about the meanings behind the Tarot of Love cards, and the ways in which you can benefit from their use.
Keren Lewis was born in Italy. She saw the Tarot skills of her mother and grandmother displayed at home, as friends and neighbors had their cards spread and read. Lewis moved to New York City where she continued to share the wisdom derived from reading Tarot cards. She specializes in the subjects of love, sex and choosing the right partner as determined by the cards.


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