The Tarot Revealed: A Beginner’s Guide

The Tarot Revealed: A Beginner's Guide

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While its origins are swathed in mystery, the remarkable accuracy of the ancient Tarot has won many followers. It helps to interpret what’s going on in life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Written in a clear and accessible style, and with 32 bonus charts, this is a valuable guide for both beginners and experienced readers interested in learning the Tarot. Using anecdotes to further clarify each card's meaning, the manual helps to apply these interpretations to real-life situations. Within a short time, it will enable even the most novice of card readers to become an accomplished Tarot master. The guide encompasses every facet of the Tarot experience, including clearly interpreting each card alone and in combination, learning the many layers of meaning attached to each card, giving simple and advanced readings, and choosing the appropriate layout for each specific situation.


  • The Tarot Revealed A Beginner s Guide

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