The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck

The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck

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The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck is one of the most unique decks on the market today. It consists of 78 cards and each one has a different wolf scene, beautifully illustrated in COLOR. Each card is printed with the interpretation right on the front, eliminating the need for lengthy instruction booklets, one card with simple instructions and how to use the new 10 card spread is enclosed. You can also use the Celtic cross spread or any other spread you would like. The Wolf Pack contains two cards, which are designated significators; the Alpha Male and the Alpha Female. Just like in a pack of wolves the Alpha Male and Alpha Female are the central focus. You would use one of these cards to represent the person asking for the reading. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned reader these cards are: Very EASY to use Extremely ACCURATE Straight to the point. The WOLF PACK TAROT DECK makes a GREAT GIFT and is currently retailing for $24.95 in stores and on various web sites.


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