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Titania's Star Tarot

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Titania's Star Tarot is an interactive kit created for experienced tarot users (those used to working with at least a 9-card layout) who are also interested in astrology. The silver cover, gleaming with the words Titania's Star Tarot, makes an impactful first impression. Opening it reveals two decks of cards and a paperback instruction book all in royal purple, a color that tarot enthusiasts will recognize as symbolic of the tarot's historical roots as a divination tool for kings and queens, who have used it since ancient times. Just as Titania Hardie offered modern reinterpretations of numerology and the I Ching in her other books, her new approach to the tarot highlights the astrological significance of the cards. Tarot fans who are slightly familiar with astrology can bring additional knowledge and intuition to the card reading itself.
Deck collectors especially will be interested in the cards, which are very different than traditional tarot cards. Titania's feature minimalistic zodiac imagery framed by metallic silver ink, offering fans of the tarot and astrology alike an opportunity to use their own experiences and imagination to give meaning to the messages in the cards. Cards designed by the award-winning design firm Johnson Banks.


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