Wiccan Cards (English and Spanish Edition)

Wiccan Cards (English and Spanish Edition)

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Walk the path of the Wise Ones with these enchanting cards. The Celtic-inspired art of the Wiccan Cards features the symbols of the Wiccan way, including the Goddess, the Elements, and magical tools and rituals.


Publisher Review:

Oracle decks can be great additions to one’s divinatory toolbox. However, all oracle decks are not created equal. Because they do not have a built in structure, such as Tarot decks do, they run the risk of being a random and arbitrary collection of lovely pictures. This may be too harsh a criticism as anyone can, if they set their mind to it, find an omen or message in anything. This lack of definition makes reviewing an oracle deck all the more difficult. For what does one base one’s critique on? There is no required structure; there are no clear expectations.

The question often becomes: does it perform as...read more.


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