Witchy Tarot (English and Spanish Edition) also known as Teenwitch Tarot

Witchy Tarot (English and Spanish Edition)

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Modern life and ancient practices are portrayed in perfect harmony in this unique deck. Tuan and Platano show us young Witches who move among us, with their ponytails and jeans, in a contemporary context. Undeniably cute, charming, and mischievous, they are also powerful and in control of their own destinies. Together with the symbols, gestures, traditions, and rites of their millennial experience, they can help us find our own power to craft our future.


Publisher Review:

Just because something is cute and fun, doesn’t mean it’s not powerful and serious. In many ways, people are at their most powerful when they’re feeling good, looking good, and having a good time. The Witchy Tarot deck is like that, too. It looks good and it is certainly having a good time. As you work with it, you’ll find that you can have fun with it and also find lots of help, guidance, and answers delivered with a sense of style and a sense of humor.

The Witchy Tarot combines elements of classical Tarot and...read more.

The companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.


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